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Support Young Oz Africans

To work closely with local and state governments in Australia to support young African communities.

Approximately 18 months ago Australian Medical Aid for Africa (AMAA) launched an initiative to assist hospitals in Africa through education and
donation of books and hospital equipment recycled from Australia. AMAA received a warm welcome and many hospitals across Australia approved our project
and also donated multiples medical /surgical goods to support poor African health institutions.

Due to our limited resources we were only able to collect equipment from The Canberra Hospital,Calvary hospital and two medical centres in Canberra/ACT. A 40 f container
of medical equipment was then prepared from Sydney and shipped to the Democratic Republic of Congo in thecentral of Africa in collaboration with Ntambwa Kabangu
George Foundation (TNGF), a charity organisation based in Kinshasa. TNGF assisted us in facilitating customs and distribution of the donation to local hospitals.

All these donated equipment were of high quality and in good working condition. 39 hospital beds + accessories, 4 delivery beds for maternity,
3 emergency room beds, 35 mattresses , 2 wheel chairs, 3 shower chairs , 5 toilet chairs,