Information About The Founder, Dr Gaulthier Tshibindi

Dr Gaulthier Tshibindi is an overseas trained doctor from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is a final year advanced trainee in Rehablitation Medicine at The Canberra Hospital and Health Services with AFRM/ Royal Australasian college of Physician. He has special interest in Clinical Epidemiology and has completed Masters in that area with the New Castle University in Australia.

As a medical Student in 1995, Dr Tshibindi witnessed first hand the second out break of Ebola in DRC. In the conference, he spoke about the epidemiological aspects of this Ebola outbreak. He highlighted why this outbreak is defferent from the other Ebola outbreaks that Africa has known. He went on to comment on whether this Ebola is still an epidemic or it has now become endemic. Dr Tshibindi also touched on the consequences of this Outbreak in children who have lost one or both of their parents. He called up on the African governments to improve the sanitation conditions of their people and to invest more in activities that improve health care delivery. He also urged International communities to do more in assisting the affected countries in West Africa.